Tyler FlockhartI am a broadly trained Population Biologist and I work at the interface of field population ecology, spatial analysis, applied mathematics and decision-theory. My work uses laboratory-, field-, and modeling-based approaches to develop quantitative network models of populations in a variety of taxa including insects, birds, mammals and plants. Whenever possible, I highly value experimental research. Always, I believe conservation is more likely to succeed when scientists make efforts to communicate with stakeholders and policy makers. I strive to engage stakeholders to participate in answering research questions of mutual interest. I also believe effective conservation can only succeed when scientists listen to the goals of stakeholders and, where necessary, assist them explicitly state their objective. I am also the director of field research for the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory.

I thrive on interdisciplinary research so if you are keen to bring together cutting-edge research from separate fields to solve wicked problems, please be in touch so we can start a conversation.

I currently operate my own consulting company where I undertake project planning, data collection, database management, analysis, and reporting. If you think the work I do aligns with your project needs then drop me a line.